Amazon Textract - A Proposed Solution to RightFax within TD Bank


The project I am most proud of thus far is the proposed solution to RightFax within TD Bank from my internship during the summer of 2019. As an Operation Service Officer working within the Money Out Customer Service team under Personal Banking Delivery Excellence I worked directly with lawyers and branch partners. This put me in direct contact with the RightFax process, as lawyers would submit documents through the system. After extensive research, my team came up with the solution of Amazon Textract to automate the process using OCR technologies. Our final solution was pitched to senior leadership, Jennifer Tremblay and Sandra Recine and was met with positive feedback for our fully thought out solution. Special attention was given to our in-depth planning using current state, future state, benefits map, risk & mitigation as well as change management.

My Contribution

As the only Arts student on the team, I wanted to bring my creativity and outside the box thinking to set us apart from the other teams. I brought my knowledge of user testing and user research to the team and suggested we meet with multiple people from multiple departments to ensure our proposed solution was appropriate. Because of this, we met with over 15 people ranging from senior managers to other operations officers as well as consulting with the Enterprise Process Excellence team. Additionally, the idea of branding our project was part of my contribution, I felt that having a cohesive brand would present the idea in a stronger method. This included creating a logo for the solution, creating a business plan, a slide deck, and t-shirts and cupcakes with the logo.

Key Learnings

This project, as well as the work experience at TD taught me a lot about business, design and helped me determine what I’m passionate about. This project showed me the real impact of user testing and user research, as previously I had only done it in classroom situations. Asking real employees their opinions improved our solution drastically and ensured we were creating a strong solution to a real problem. Additionally, this project taught me the need for multiple interactions. There were many ideas that came before the one we settled on and it took time, research and feedback/critiques to perfect the solution.

How to Improve

The amount of effort and time put into this project propelled it to be one of my greatest accomplishments, however I feel more time spent on the pitch could have benefited us. Most of our time was spent on the details of the solution, ensuring all questions were answered and we followed internal models leading to the presen- tation being left until the end. The t-shirts and cupcakes were strong tools to boost our pitch, however, an improvement in the delivery could have been an asset in putting us over the top.

Check out our slide deck from our presenation: