It's me...

My name is Krystyna, and I also go by Krys & KP. I am a designer driven by creativity and curiosity. I love learning new things and developing myself as a creator, both within a team and independently. Past leadership positions have taught me the importance of trust and collaboration in having a successful project.

Now here's me, just in icons:

I love content creation

It allows me to create with curiosity and innovation.

Specifically creating impactful experiences

Experiences are the thing that either make or break your company. I always strive to create beautiful experiences.

I specialize in:

Problem Solving

My first goal of every project is to ensure we are targeting the core problem, this makes everything else fall into place.

Customer Experience

From working at Tim Hortons to working at TD Bank, I can work adaptively and efficiently to ensure clients are happy.

Team Work

Being involved in community art programs and shows taught me the importance of having a community you can trust.


With years of experience as a Team Lead, I am confident in my abilities to lead a team to success while fostering a safe and creative environment.

Design Thinking

I strive to understand the core needs of users to design. Following design sprints and focusing on systems design are the ways I am able to create.


My diverse breadth of experience and interests allow me to differentiate my ideas and discover innovative solutions.

I make contemporary art

From middle school to university, I created contemporary art that was displayed in galleries across Toronto.

I am a curator

I have over 5 years experience in art curation, juries, hanging shows and hosting launches.

My camera is my BFF

Ever since I got my first professional camera in 2010, a DSLR has been by my side. Finding the perfect shot is something I have an eye for.

Amateur Crocheter

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself looking for a hobby or something to fill my new found free time. I really needed something to keep me from sitting around all day. I started playing with fine arts but got bored quickly. It wasn't until I discovered crochet that I found something which peaked my interest. As I had never worked with yarn before, crochet seemed to be the perfect medium. Check out some of my best creations so far:

Blue Tank Top
Cropped Sweater Front
Front of Appa Hat
Y2K Purse
Market Bag
Leo the Lion
Back of Appa Hat
Leo the Lion 2
Back of Blue Tank Top
Cropped Sweater Back