Map the System: Resistance Against AI

A systems design project intented to highlight the inevitable future of AI

Competition | Oxford University Map the System
Role | Researcher, Designer, Writer
Tools | Figma, Adobe Illustrator, React, Github
Team | Krystyna Poremba, Ken Namgung, Sophia Tomaini, Emily Yang
Duration | 4 Months


Oxford's Map the System Competition is an annual event that challenges participants to think differently about social and environmental change. My team decided to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence.


We determined the core problem to be that due to insufficient infrastructure, education and socio-economic factors, the world will not fully accept the reality of AI, and continue to resist AI.


We approached this problem with systems thinking, exploring the current state (negative feedback loop) as well as our proposed future state (positive feedback loop). We took a deep look into system that encourages the negative behaviour and opinions of AI.