Personal Branding Poster

An exploration of communicating one's personality in design.

University Project | University of Waterloo
Role | Project Lead, Designer
Tools | Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
Duration | 4 Months


This course introduced the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. However, since having previous experience in these areas, I used this project to challenge myself.


This task was to create a personal branding poster to represent a client. This client was a classmate, one chosen by the students.


The initial step of the project was to interview our clients to understand their personalities, their characteristics and what defines their values. After obtaining a substantial amount of information, I took the acquired information and displayed it on a mood board creating central themes to represent the client. Finally, taking the elements with greatest weightage and the most accuracy we assembled the final poster.


Based on data collected in the interview and images sourced from Pinterest, multiple mock-up posters were created to test out design ideas. From these tests, the brick wall and legs stuck.

Final Design

The final design involved a brick background and a photograph of the client's legs. This poster was meant to capture the clients uniqueness and fascination with design. The shapes and legs showcase the abstract qualities wanted in this poster.

GIF Design

I took the the poster one step further and turned it into a gif. Flashing colours of the bricks and letters continue the uniquness