Capstone Project - AWAIR

An innovative solution to poor air quality education around the world.

Competition | The Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards
Role | Project Manager,
Tools | SketchUp, Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator & Photoshop, Miro
Team | Krystyna Poremba, Tessa Bennett, Jocasta Hon, Ken Namgung, Sophia Tomaini
Duration | 5 Months


Our design brief: “The Right to Breathe”

“How might we ensure that everyone living in areas with poor air quality is guaranteed their right to clean air?”

Royal Society of Arts


There is a lack of meaningful awarness of air quality in ones community. Specifically researched in Toronto, we explored the dangerous levels of air pollution and hope to highlight the adverse affects it causes.


Taking a UX research, UX Design, and Business approach, we tackled the brief through Google’s design sprint. We documented our progress each stage through video format.


AWAIR: A temporary, immersive exhibit designed to educate and bring awareness to poor air quality in dense cities and encourages viewers to participate in small-scale changes to combat it.

Sprint 1 : Understand


This sprint illustrates our understanding of the brief, the problem we wanted to explore (air quality & poor air quality in dense cities), and what we already understand about it (types of air pollution, the ways it affects people & solutions that already exist).


How Might We
User Interviews
Initial Business Questions

Sprint 2 : Define


Sprint # 2 focused on our user base. We created 3 Personas and A Journey Map to better understand who we were solving for.

I edited this video!


User Journey Map
User Personas
Business Model Canvas

Big Idea Summary & Hero Images

Our 1st Solution

An immersive public art exhibit that contains existing small-scale air purification technology.

View Enlarged Big Idea Summary

View Enlarged Hero Image

Sprint 3 : Diverge


Our 3rd sprint allowed us to divide and concur. We each independently ideated unique product designs to tackle our problem. We came together at the end to work together.


Crazy 8’s
Competitive Product Analysis

Sprint 4 : Decide


Sprint 4 lead us to voting on our ideas to decide on the most viable. We looked at our competitor analysis’ and voted on our likes & dislikes, and worked on implementing them into our solution.


Innovation Matrix
Dot Voting

Proposal Boards

Everything & Anything about AWAIR

These are the proposal boards for AWAIR. Each board dives deep into one topic; Environmental & Social Impact, Research & Insights, Systems Thinking and Viability. By creating these, we are easily able to illustrate the details and reasons behind AWAIR.

View Full Proposal Boards

Sprint 5 : Prototype


Our 5th sprint focuses on walking you through a prototype of our solution. Due to COVID-19, we were faced with the challenge of emulating an in-person experience digitally. I solved this by created a 3D model of our exhibit on SketchUp.


Premiere Pro

Business Model Canvas & Supporting Financials

How Viable is our Solution?

Our Business Model Canvas and Supplementary Financial Documents are meant to highlight the viability of our project. We dive deep into project revenues, our value proposition and how we plan to stay a float.

View Full Business Model Canvas

View Full Financials

Sprint 6 : Validate


Our 6th and final sprint tells the whole story. We walk through the problem, our solution, user testing and our business viability.


User Testing



A narrated complete walk-through of the 3D rendered exhibit. Take the jourey through the exhibit to experience AWAIR.

Other Aspects of our Prototype