Digital Content Creator & Contemporary Artist

Digital Content Creator

I produce creative visual, written content and websites to attract audiences and instill curiousity. I strive to bring new ideas and make every project stand out for its uniqueness.

Contemporary Artist

At 21, I have participated in 13 solo and group exhibitions across Toronto, curated 8 shows, published 1 book and have been featured in 2 articles.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Curator of Experiences

I focus on creating meaningful experiences with beautiful UX. Ensuring users gain value from my content and designs is of utmost importance to me.

Highlighted Projects:

Project Lead, Photographer

This project was created to fill a gap in the research projects online presence. It explores how you can showcase the history of an analog project, digitally. Click below to see the results of the project!

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Researcher, Designer, Writer

A submission to the Map the System competition hosted by Oxford University. This team project was completed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click to see our solution to the resistance to AI!

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CSS Lead, HTML Editor Responsive Web Design Lead

This project involved the complete re-design of a local field hockey teams website. As a first time coder, this was a challenge. Click to see how I made it work!

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Project Lead, Graphic Design

This poster designed for a client was meant to capture their personality. Click to see the design process.

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Lead Designer, Researcher

A strategic business case that involved identifying and improving a technological gap in an internal process which was presented to senior leadership with a fully branded solution. Click to see how our team tackled it!

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