University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Global Business & Digital Arts

About the Program:

A place where your creative ideas are strengthened by business and fueled by technology.

Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) is Canada's first undergraduate program to combine creativity, technology, and business in one unique degree. The program strives to intergrate hands-on projects with industry partners using state of the art technology.

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Areas of Study

These are select classes that highlight user focused design, international business, and programing.

User Experience Design

Learned the fundamental principles and practices of user experience design. Worked directly with developing strategy, information architecture, user research and prototyping. Produced a high fidelity protype of a web browser extension that scans webpages for accurate information.

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Customer Experience Design

A hands-on course that focused on the principles and tools of CX design and how they fit with business strategy. Focused on the needs of the customer to create an engaging and innovative prototype service for industry partners using customer journey maps, usability testing, design thinking and UX research. Worked directly with the Mackenzie Health Centre to create a solution for nurse burnout in their hospitals, presented to senior leadership.

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International Business and Cross-Cultural Management

Learned the core functions and concepts of doing business in a global context by exploring the current state of Globalization, the frameworks for International Business and core business functions within an International Business. Studied management structures and cross-cultural communications, including challenges and strategies. Created full business proposal for a solution to new immigrants in Canada having inadequate clothing for the Canadian environment.

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Project Management

Studied the link between success and managerial skills, with a focus on the four essential components of management. Used both the 'cascade' and 'agile' approach to tackle weekly case studies to further learning about conflict management and leadership.

Computer Programming

Studied the fundamentals of computer programming through interactive visual media. Learned Processing, a language based in Java to create computer programs to create games and visual art.

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Quantitative Methods

Studied quantitative data analysis, covering basic and inferential statistical techniques used in analyzing social science research data with the goal of becoming effective data analysts. Emphasis in learning was placed on the logic of quantitative methods.

Digital Imaging for Online Applications

Learned digital tools such as HTML and CSS to cultivate both artistic expression and technical skill. Developed a critical understanding of design, layout, typography, colour theory and content accessibility for Web Design and App Design. Created several websites with focus on user experience and responsive web design.

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Strategy and Program Integration

A capstone course centered around the Capsim-Capstone software with a goal of experiential learning and applying research & development, marketing, production and financial knowledge. Capstone by Capsim is an advanced strategy business simulation that allows participants to apply what they're learned across all disciplines of business in a competitive and engaging learning environment.

Check out of final AGM presentation!

Global Digital Project

Studied how digital media has contributed to globalization and how it impacts the use of digital technologies in the development of digitals cultures. Used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a website containing a game and tutorial for use in Northern Canadian Communities.

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Data and Society

Examined different digital phenomena, such as big data, open data, data driven innovation, the personal information industry, the sharing economy, privacy by design and the internet of things. Focused on national and international principles of privacy protection such as the, Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPS), GDPR, and PIPEDA to evaluate real life data privacy breaches such as Cambridge Analytica.

Global Development and Business

Studied the process of industrialization and economic development and the relation of these processes to the present state of global economic interconnectedness. Examined the concepts of how industrialization occurred and its impact on business as well as global interconnectedness's impact on the economic feasibility of global businesses. Created a 15-minute film highlighting a global contemporary economic development issue.

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Ethics and Values in Design

Studied various ethical systems including those associated with philosophical systems, political ideologies, and economic beliefs. Issues and cases studied were associated with global development and business, such as the SNC Lavalin case.